Colonnade Communications was founded with privacy and data security as a core agency focus. We have extensive experience helping organizations prepare for and respond to cybersecurity and other data-related communications challenges.

We help clients navigate today’s challenging environment of evolving public expectations surrounding data security – including striking the right balance when responding to often competing demands for speed, accuracy, transparency and confidentiality. We do so by working in close coordination with our clients’ legal counsel and with multidisciplinary teams from within client organizations.

We work to protect your business interests and your relationships and reputation by providing insight, experience, and teamwork, while prioritizing responsiveness and confidentiality.

Cyber-attacks now account for 57% of major corporate crises – larger than all other types combined.

– The Economist Intelligence Unit

Preparation and Response Services

Breach Preparedness Planning

Assessing your existing crisis communication plans, creating cybersecurity and data breach incident response plans, and developing resources and tools to support an effective response.

Incident Response Support

Working with your organization to anticipate, develop, and deliver the timely communications needed to satisfy notification requirements and to manage your reputation with customers, regulators, investors, employees, and other stakeholders. We will help you start out on the right foot and continue to build trust with key audiences through strategic and timely communications.

Data Security Communications Training

Including management training on data breach and data security response dynamics, preparing your team to activate your response plan, supporting crisis simulations and drills, and media training key spokespeople.

Experience and Teamwork

At Colonnade and through prior public relations agency roles, our team has developed deep expertise serving the data security communications needs of a wide variety of companies and organizations across the public and private sectors. This includes supporting more than 100 data breaches, ransomware responses, and data security incidents, and conducting numerous planning and preparedness projects. We use the insight and best practices gleaned from past assignments to inform our current engagements.

We are attentive listeners and excellent partners, knowing that our clients’ success often depends on tight coordination and adherence to team roles. We have teamed on incident responses with legal experts at a number of the nation’s top privacy and data security law practices, as well as leading cybersecurity and data forensics investigative firms. We have been engaged by numerous underwriters of cyber insurance and related risk management products to help protect the interests of their policyholders, and we are familiar with the needs and processes of insurance providers.

Experience by Sector

Our team has responded to data loss and data exposure assignments across the threat spectrum, including incidents resulting from malware and phishing attacks, card skimmers and point-of-sale intrusions, physical theft of equipment and records, insider misuse, denial of service, ransomware, and other criminal acts and human errors. We have incident response experience in the following sectors:

Financial Services

  • Large regional bank holding company

  • Southern US bank

  • National financial advisory network

  • Large online investment company

  • Regional insurance company

  • Title insurance agency

  • Wealth management advisory network

  • Regional tax advisory firm


  • Large regional hospital

  • Local mental health services provider

  • Health counseling company

  • Northeast medical specialty clinics

  • Statewide physicians group

  • National prescription eyewear provider


  • Western supermarket chain

  • Computer products retailer

  • Franchise restaurant chain

  • Large nationwide supply retailer

  • Regional car dealership

  • National restaurant management group


  • Online travel services provider

  • Boutique hotel chain

  • Midwestern entertainment complex

  • Regional casino chain

  • Online gaming company

  • Restaurant technology services company


  • High-profile Southern public university

  • Large Midwestern state college system

  • Large Western college district

  • Northwestern public school district


  • Nationwide humanitarian organization

  • Statewide food bank

  • Prominent grantmaking foundation

Government & Government Services

  • Western city government

  • Southern city government

  • Southwestern county government

  • Government security contractors

  • Defense systems integration contractor

  • Regional electric utilities

Business Support & Professional Services

  • Online transaction provider

  • Regional Southeast marketing firm

  • Security services providers

  • Business process outsourcing company

  • Cloud computing services provider

  • Payroll processing company

  • Staffing and translation provider

  • B2B customer engagement company

  • Sales and marketing support company

  • National document destruction company

  • Internationally recognized law firm

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Engaging Our Team

Our data breach and security incident response team is on standby for confidential, rapid deployment. For immediate assistance, please contact Harry Frazier, Managing Director.
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