Every media interview is an opportunity to advance your organization and its goals. We teach spokespeople to be strategic, organized, disciplined, and agile during media interviews. We do so by sharing best practices, providing instructive examples, demonstrating proven tools and techniques, and by facilitating practice exercises to develop strong habits that will help our clients maximize their future interview opportunities.

We focus on building confidence, control, credibility, and connection.

We create and deliver training programs for corporations, associations, government agencies, and not-for-profit groups. Our sessions are tailored around your issues and core messaging, and teach skills for navigating and enhancing performance in print, live or taped television, radio, and press conference settings.

Media Training Services

Basic Training – a comprehensive fundamental skills and practice program for new or less experienced spokespeople, communications staff and managers

Advanced Training – to refresh and sharpen skills, or prepare spokespeople to deal with new, key or contentious issues

Executive Coaching – working one-on-one to prepare top executives and officials to enhance their delivery and assert leadership in critical interviews

Group Sessions and Workshops – custom-built for industry conferences, organizational retreats, or professional development sessions

All of our media training sessions are led by senior counselors who are adept at teaching, coaching and advising, and who rely heavily on their own deep experience working on the front lines of complex and sensitive communications challenges.  Read more about our senior media trainers.

Our trainers have helped prepare hundreds of spokespeople including C-suite executives, policymakers, federal agency leaders, academics, scientists, researchers, lawyers, issue experts, cause marketers, professional athletes, and more.

Our Approach to Media Training

  • An interview strategy starts with a well-defined, objectives-focused game plan – anchored by clear and concise messages.
  • Success requires both knowing what the reporter wants and having a defined agenda of your own.

  • Good spokespeople find ways to share control with the media, rather than doggedly ramming their messages down the reporter’s throat.

  • The best spokespeople create opportunities to prioritize, headline, prove, and repeat their messages throughout the interview.

  • Every spokesperson can improve and, just as for an elite athlete, regular practice is essential to maintaining high-level performance.

  • Although we challenge trainees and ask tough questions, we also provide strategies and tools to allow each participant to be successful in our exercises. We do not believe that bullying or excessive “tough love” produces well-prepared spokespeople.

Senior Media Trainers

Harry Frazier has helped over 400 spokespeople and issue experts develop message strategies and learn and rehearse interview techniques. His clients have ranged from corporate executives and issue experts, to legislators, academics, scientists and non-profit leaders. He also has led large group spokesperson and message training workshops for federal government agencies, trade associations, professional athletes, university students, and policymakers.

Among his strengths is working with top executives to establish a strong presence and project leadership when communicating key announcements or around defining moments. This has included counseling CEOs, association leaders, Members of Congress, federal agency officials, and members of a Presidential commission. He helps individuals identify and understand their own communications strengths and challenges, and offers an array of tools, tips, and techniques that are customized to the personality, abilities, and skills of each trainee. >> Full Bio

Britt Carter has more than 20 years of public relations and communications experience, including specialties in issues management and crisis communications. He has trained spokespeople at organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies and major universities, to start-up companies and small non-profit groups. His trainings have ranged from basic skill-building to preparing for and communicating around major organizational announcements, events and incidents.

Britt is adept at helping inexperienced and apprehensive spokespeople find their voices and build the confidence needed to be successful in interviews. His work also has included preparing leaders to demonstrate ownership and action in response to tough issues such as product recalls, workforce reductions, employee misconduct, activist attacks, leadership transition, and other topics of intense public scrutiny. >> Full Bio

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